Our team

The Society is run on a day-to-day basis by the General Committee, who oversee the management and organisation of society duties. Our Honorary President provides oversight and guidance for the committee.

Sean Barrett

Honorary President

Our President, Dr Sean Barrett, emeritus professor at the Economics Department, is a strong supporter of student societies.

In addition to his role as the Honorary President of DUBES, he also serves as a Vice-President of the Hist and Choral Society, and was previously President of the Soccer club and Treasurer of DUCAC.  He has served as Junior Dean and Registrar of Chambers, and is currently a member of the staff Common Room committee. He has also represented TCD in the Seanad and has been a Pro Chancellor of the University. 

He firmly believes that the opportunities societies give students to work together, bring in outside opinions through a variety of guest speakers, and create social contacts are hugely important. 

“College as a community is vital,” he says. “Clubs, societies, and publications are key parts of that College community, and I sincerely hope that we can overcome the recent disruptions and continue to foster that community feeling.”

Conor Murdoch


Conor is a final year Business and Economics student who will be serving as the Auditor and Chair for the society’s 91st session. He has been a member of DUBES since 2017 and he has previously served as the society’s Career’s Convenor (Head of Speakers and Sponsorship) for its 90th session.
Additionally, he participated in the DUBES-Movember Free Ride event in 2018, with his team finishing in 3rd place. Outside the society, he has extensive experience in the world of investment management, particularly in the field of real estate investment as a result of his internships in GVA Property Investments in 2018 and 2019, and he currently serves as Investment Officer in the Trinity Student Managed Fund.

Raphi Patterson


Hailing from London, Raphi is a third year Bess student studying Business and Economics. Previously he has served as Treasurer of Trinity Ents, JCR Ents Officer and Social Secretary and OCM here at Dubes. Raphi also won DUBES Movember Freeride in 2018. This year he is also incoming Treasurer of
Trinity Publications. Outside of TCD, Raphis internships and work focus in marketing strategy, with internships at Social Chain and Fold7 agencies. Raphi is well versed in managing the books and is a great addition to the committee.

Sarah Davis

Public Relations Officer

Sarah is a 2nd year Business, Economics and Social Studies (BESS) student. Sarah is the Public Relations Officer for the 2020/21 session. She was previously an analyst in Basic Materials sector in the SMF. Outside of college, she has interests in running, Gaelic football and dancing.

Rachel Nally


Rachel is a 2nd year Business, Economics and Social Studies (BESS) student. She became involved in the DUBES society when she became a First Year Rep. in 2019-2020. She now holds the position of Secretary for the society’s 91st session. In secondary school, Rachel held numerous positions such as
Deputy Head Girl, Student Council Secretary and Chief Operating Officer of the school bank. She was involved in the Leader’s Tour with Taoiseach Leo Varadkar in the run up to the 2020 General Election and she is currently the Officer for Diversity and Inclusion in the Dublin Regional Council for Young
Fine Gael. Her interests include Food, Fitness, Nutrition, Travel and GAA.

Rachel Fitzmaurice

Head of Sponsorship

Rachel is a rising fourth-year Business, Economics, and Social Sciences (BESS) student specializing in Business and Political Science. She is currently the Head of Sponsorship for the society’s 91st Session. Rachel has been an active member in DUBES for the last three years, and this is her first time holding a position within the society. In the past, Rachel’s experience ranges wildly. In 2018, she started a male skincare company with her father in which she holds the position of Co-Founder and Head of Marketing. This Summer, Rachel was awarded the Irish U.S. Council Work Scholarship Award 2020 and will intern with Prudential U.S. in the marketing department of their asset management sector, PGIM Investments, for the Summer of 2021. Outside of college, Rachel enjoys singing, writing, and traveling.

Maeve O'Regan


Maeve is a second year Business, Economics And Social Studies (BESS) student from Cork. Her position for the 2020/2021 academic year is librarian. She first got involved in the Dubes society when she took part in the Movember Freeride last year and is also the Public Relations Officer for the food and drink society.

Joan Harty

Social Secretary

Joan is a second year Business, Economics and Social Studies (BESS) student, her position in the society is Social Secretary for the 2020/21 session. Previously in the SMF, she served as an analyst in Consumer Staples. In the current session, she will take on the role of organising all social events in relation to DUBES such as BESS ball and DUBES mystery tour.

Ana Bellew

Careers Convener

Ana is a second year Business, Economics, and social studies student ( BESS ). Her position is careers convener for the 91st session. Ana first became involved in the DUBES society when she held the position of first year rep for 2019/2020. She was previously an analyst for the Consumer Staples section of the SMF. She previously lived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and her other interests include running, piano and acting.

Lily Wayne

4th Year Representative

Lily is a fourth year Business Studies student from North Carolina, USA. Her position for the 2020/2021 academic year is fourth year class representative. She became involved in Dubes through her positions as second and third year class representatives. Lily was previously the Logistics Manager for TEDx. Outside of college, Lily has interests in sports and music, and she has recently found a love for knitting.

Kieran Morris

3rd Year Representative

Kieran is a junior sophister student studying Business and Economics and will serve as Third-Year Representative for DUBES’ 91st session. He previously held positions of Treasurer (90th session) and first-year representative (89th session). Kieran currently serves as Vice-President of the Irish Student Consulting Group and has experience working in a property consulting firm and a real-estate tech start-up in London.

Ethan Voss

2nd Year Representative

Ethan is an up and coming 2nd year Business Economics & Social Studies (BESS) Student. Ethan will be returning for the 91st session of the Dublin University Business & Economics Society session as Second Year Representative. Ethan has previously served on the committee during the 2019/20 academic year as a First Year Representative. Outside of college and his work in the sales industry, he has keen interests in rugby, travel and venture capital.

Shane Tierney

Committee Member

Shane is an incoming 4th year student studying Business and Russian. He has been previously been involved in DUBES as Public Relations Officer. He spent his 3rd year living and studying in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Shane has been involved in other societies on campus such as Trinity SMF and Trinity Ents. He currently holds the role of Secretary of the SMF. Shane is keen to persue a career in Sales and Marketing after he graduates in 2021. He has worked in a sales role for Avis-Budget Group since 2018. His interest in marketing began after he founded his own e-commerce business on Instagram where he worked with well known brands such as Giorgio Armani and Hostelworld. Aside from this, his main interests include football, golf, working for the KGB, politics and travelling.