Over our 90 year history we've developed an alumni base that spans the globe. A few times a year we run alumni events, send out a newsletter and accept nominations for awards. If you'd like to get involved with DUBES in any capacity whatsoever, please do reach out to us. You can subscribe to our newsletter below for regular updates on all aspects of DUBES.

How much does it cost to join the society?

It costs €2 for membership for the academic year.

Who is eligible to join DUBES?

We accept all students, from any course, both undergraduate and postgraduate.

What events does DUBES run?

We run a variety of academic, professional, and social events throughout the year. You can find a description of our primary social events under the ‘Events’ tab of this website, and for the latest information on our upcoming academic events check out our social media channels and subscribe to our weekly newsletter.

Where can I find out more information?

Please reach out to us via the contact page and a member of the DUBES committee will get back to you as soon as possible.

Additional information regarding societies at Trinity College Dublin can also be found on the Central Societies Committee website.

Our Amazing Alumni

"Each of my years on DUBES helped me hone my time management skills and perfect a work-life balance, but as President this was especially true. Balancing the needs of a committee, thousands of society members, as well as your own was a skill that only my final year on DUBES could have taught me. Besides this, the society created friendships and memories that I’ll take with me into my final year of college and beyond."
Maeve Lavelle
Auditor 89th Session
"DUBES was always a serious organisation which knew how to party. The world changed and I think the business piece became very “sexy” in 1985. So the B in DUBES became important while Economics while key was less popular. But ultimately the core values and legacy were always what the amazing Trinity economists fostered and innovated. DUBES offered an invaluable way to network, learn and gain new skills – not least of which were speaking and writing for an often cynical audience. I sense in a Pandemic world – the Economics skillset will become key – while the ability to network is essential. DUBES has never been more important as a fulcrum for Trinity Business and Economics and can set a new path for the next 50 years building on the last 40 successful years."
Peter Bellew
Class of 1987
"My involvement with Dubes was probably my most valuable college experience. It led to great friends, important life lessons and unforgettable experiences."
Conall Moran
Auditor 88th Session

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